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Upholstery Cleaning Services

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield, NJ

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield looks forward to bringing the life back to your carpets!

So you've tried professional carpet cleaning before, and didn't notice much difference. You're probably considering replacing all the worn carpeting in your house, but wait! Perhaps you just didn't use the right method of professional carpet cleaning. Many people don't even know there are multiple types. Many people simply call the company who sends a coupon in the mail.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are in fact many different types of carpet cleaning methods; here are a few of them:

  • Dry compound: No water is used in this process. Rather, a powder (which theoretically contains a tiny amount of water, detergent and solvent) is sprinkled onto the carpet, is agitated into the carpet, and is then vacuumed up.
  • Carpet shampooing: a very sudsy shampoo is applied to the carpet, the foam attracts dirt, and the foam and dirt is then vacuumed up.
  • Steam cleaning or 'hot water extraction': hot water is finely sprayed into the carpet, which shakes the dirt and debris loose, and is immediately sucked up with the water.
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Why Steam Cleaning?

Many service providers offer carpet shampooing. This may have been what you tried before. Now, the industry is recognizing the huge advantages of carpet steam cleaning. In fact, if you check with your carpet or area rug manufacturer, this is the method they most likely recommend. Why?

  1. Steam cleaning uses hot water as the only cleaning agent. Unlike other chemicals and solvents, hot water will absolutely not cause any harm to the carpet fibers. Harsh cleaning chemicals might weaken the carpet fibers, leading to a shorter lifespan of the carpet.
  2. Steam cleaning is the only cleaning method known to achieve a 'deep clean'. This is because the water is actually injected deep down into the carpet, loosening dirt and debris way down inside the carpet fibers, whereas shampoos and dry compounds only achieve a surface clean.

Steam Cleaning Process

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield has been providing steam cleaning services for many customers in your area. Our clients are more than pleased with the appearance and feel of their carpets after we have left. What exactly have we done? we have removed many common stains, including ink stains, red wine stains, food stains and oil stains, and we have removed an immense quantity of dirt, dust, dust mites, and other allergens from deep within your carpets. We have lengthened the lifespan of your carpets by removing these particles which weaken fibers.

Instead of replacing your wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs, give UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield's professional steam cleaning a shot. We are positive you will be more than impressed with the results we provide.

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield looks forward to your call. Call us at 908-301-6333 today - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer's Reviews
Don't take our word for it. Here's what our clients say:
  • Kelan Simpson
    3 reviews
    4 months ago
    The rugs in our office were quite dirty from years of use. We scoured the internet and found this rug cleaning service. The tech was professional, showed up on time, and did a great job without disrupting our office activities! What else can you ask for
  • Lucienne Zulauf
    2 reviews
    5 months ago
    The experience was okay for a first-time job. Before the upholstery cleaning, the technician was kind enough to listen to my concerns. He also did well to ensure I was satisfied before leaving.
  • Mary Oaten
    1 review
    5 months ago
    This company just completed mold remediation in my basement, and I'm incredibly impressed with the fantastic job and professionalism of the team. They arrived on time and were very dedicated and qualified about what they were going to do. Highly recommended.
  • Leonhard Klebs
    3 reviews
    6 months ago
    My kitchen was contaminated with mold under the sink behind the cabinet. It was bad. Their mold removal experts arrived. Investigated everything. They removed moldy drywall, bagged it, sealed, and hauled it away. The service was performed perfectly.
  • Reji Mahew
    47 reviews
    8 months ago
    Joseph did a great job cleaning all rooms carpet. He did a deep clean.
  • Valerie Jones
    2 reviews
    8 months ago
    The person who came to the home was very nice but the price changed when I was told that I had to pay for shampoo to be used as apart of the cleaning verses rather him just using hot water in the machine to clean my carpets. The stains I wanted up are still there the cleaning freshened up my carpets somewhat but it wasn't the results that I expected.
Choose the wisely, IICRC certified company when it comes to safely removing mold from your home.
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