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Mold is a type of microorganism that has both enzymes for digestion and spores for reproduction. Mold can be white, orange, green, or brown, depending on if it is Cladosporium, Penicillium, or Aspergillus, or other strains. It can grow on almost anything moist or damp.

Mold grows in damp and hidden places in the bathroom, around windows, laundry rooms, under the carpets, roofs, in the basement, etc. These are usually hidden places, but mold's presence can cause more than aesthetic problems. Mold produces invisible spores that are released into the air and that can trigger allergy, asthma, and other breathing problems. Also, mold can eat your home away as it breaks down organic matter. A property infested with mold has a low resale value, and realtors are aware of this.

Mold Testing and Inspection Services

Mold can destroy your carpet, walls, and wood framing. You may not detect it if you have no experience in mold inspection, as moisture cannot always be detected by touch or sight. These microorganisms can digest organic matter if the surface is moist enough for their enzyme action. You might have spilled water on your couch, or some moisture under the carpet, or had water damage from a leaking pipe or other source. Moisture allows mold to thrive and break down the materials in your home.

You need a mold inspection and testing service to help you detect this invasion in time. Our experts have the tools and techniques for inspecting your walls, ceilings, carpet, couch, and other mold-prone areas in your property. Being certified mold inspectors and with our experience, there will be no mold colony that will go undetected. We even reach places that are usually unreachable but mold prone.

Mold usually grows in the following areas:

  • Inside walls if water is trapped inside.
  • Ceiling if the roof is leaking or the pipes in the floor above.
  • Basement following a flood.
  • Around windows and doors, if any water gets inside.
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room because of high humidity.
  • Ceilings, floors, under the carpet, bookshelves.

A professional mold inspection service should reach all the possible places where mold can grow. You cannot visibly see them, but this at home mold test should reveal this presence.

Mold Testing & Inspection

Professional Mold Inspection and Testing

It is a good practice to regularly inspect for mold if you suspect a problem. But how do you know your property is due for mold testing? Since you can't always see mold, you can rely on the symptoms associated with them. Their spores are likely to trigger allergy-like symptoms such as the following:

  • Runny nose and congestion
  • Eye irritation
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Skin rash
  • Headache
  • Lung irritation
  • Wheezing

Call mold specialists if you identify the above symptoms. The experts are equipped with the mold inspection and testing tools and devices and have appropriate skills.

Mold is visible if it has already grown in large colonies, but the amount you can see may be a small fraction of the mold growing behind the scenes. During the mold inspection, experts check all the mold-prone areas for signs. It can also involve an interview with the homeowner about possible water leaks, moisture problems, ventilation issues, or the history of mold growth.

Mold testing involves taking samples from the site during the inspection. They are examined in the laboratory under controlled conditions. It is the most accurate and appropriate approach if mold is hidden within the house. Testing reveals the type of mold and amounts of spores that circulate in the house.

You can inspect your property for any visible mold. But if you can't see any, it is better to call a certified mold inspector who can also take samples to the laboratory for testing.

Get Rid of Mold from Your Home

Eliminating mold from your home can be challenging. It involves thorough cleaning of the surfaces, disinfecting surfaces with appropriate chemicals, and cleaning your couch, carpets, mats, wallpapers, and ceiling and everything that was affected by the mold.

Using the wrong method when removing mold from your home will leave the spores or the mold itself in those hidden places. When cleaning your carpets or couches, you may mistakenly leave them damp. To ensure complete elimination, use UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield services.

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Plainfield is an all-in-one service provider you can rely on for mold inspection, testing, and removal. We serve residential and commercial clients in Plainfield, NJ, and nearby places within Union County. Reach out for timely response and affordable mold inspection and detection services.

Mold Testing & Inspection
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